saiken-daybreaker: Thank you for following me. I'd like to ask what characters do you play? Have we met?

I have quite a few. My ‘bigger toons’ are Zenthára, Zentharà, Thantor, and Nárcissistic. My two Zen’s are lore breakers, but Narc (characher’s name is Ellana) and Thantor aren’t. I haven’t rp’d with you yet, but I do see you around. Hopefully we can talk sometime. (:


Balance and Composure - Tiny Raindrop [x]
Reblog if it is okay if I make fanart of your OCs

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Fuck Monday



In the ass with a lemon vinegar soak spiked broken glass salt sprinkled fuck stick.

So you had a good day?





I thought LFR couldn’t get any worse.

And then they introduced boosted 90s

I don’t get why people say this. It is not like the game actually teaches anyone anything in the traditional leveling way.

Have you done any LFRs…

I just boosted a rogue, and it’s sad because I don’t know rogues past level 40 but I’m still in the top 10 dps.




when people say “blood elves have never faced injustices!!!” i wanna laugh in their face they’ve suffered more in three lifespans of your stupid human paladin than you’ll ever comprehend

Losing 90% of your population? Psssh, Stormwind…


what if the coins you find randomly at the bottom of drawers and in between couch cushions are actually from spiders trying to pay rent

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